BIG STORY was a spectacular surprise this February 24, 2018

     Hailing from Dallas, TX, BIG STORY are on the rise. Recently Texas has seen a resurgence of rock and metal music that is taking the nation by the throat and making sure they heard loud and clear.  Opening for Nothing More this evening, BIG STORY left myself and the crowd speechless!  I had seen them the year before as an opening band and I can say they have grown so much in less than a year.  I was literally left winded trying to keep up with their high energy performance while photographing them.  The small stage at Brewsters Street Icehouse was not big enough for them.  They were like a rabid animal in a small cage, busting at the hinges to break free to spread their music to the masses.  Make no mistake, these guys are gonna be the next hit come out of Texas.  Be warned!

Big Story Feb 2018-1.jpg

NOTHING MORE Live in Corpus Christi, TX at Brewsters Street Icehouse Feb 24, 2018

     Nothing More made a stop and completely rocked Corpus Christi, TX this February 24, 2018.  I had never seen them live before, so being able to attend this sold out show was pretty exciting. I kept hearing from people how much of a great show they put on.  And to put it short, they weren’t lying.

    Photographing this show was quite a bit a work.  Rarely did the vocalist Jonny hold still long enough to take photos; it was the same for guitarist Mark, bassist Daniel and drummer Ben.  So much energy on one stage was quite an experience.

    While the band played hits from their albums, it was a truly mesmerizing to see them in action.  It felt like being witness to a ritual that was sacrificing blood and sweat to the rock gods of old and only those in attendance were privilege to partake. Watching how the band interacted with the crowd, you can easily see why fans love them.  There were so many times Jonny was up close and personal with the crowd. With holding hands and fan fevered pats, both vocalist and fans would sing together, creating a special moment in time to be forever treasured.

    This continued throughout the set, luckily to the fans adoration. And yes, they did have their musical creations in attendance.  Those custom built beasts are a sight to behold.  And to see them being wielded by the band with such epic presence, you knew you were witnessing something truly special.

    So, now I have become one of those persons that will tell you, YES! you have to see Nothing More live.  It truly is a one of a kind performance.


Nothing More Feb 23 2018-1-3.jpg