BIG STORY was a spectacular surprise this February 24, 2018

     Hailing from Dallas, TX, BIG STORY are on the rise. Recently Texas has seen a resurgence of rock and metal music that is taking the nation by the throat and making sure they heard loud and clear.  Opening for Nothing More this evening, BIG STORY left myself and the crowd speechless!  I had seen them the year before as an opening band and I can say they have grown so much in less than a year.  I was literally left winded trying to keep up with their high energy performance while photographing them.  The small stage at Brewsters Street Icehouse was not big enough for them.  They were like a rabid animal in a small cage, busting at the hinges to break free to spread their music to the masses.  Make no mistake, these guys are gonna be the next hit come out of Texas.  Be warned!

Big Story Feb 2018-1.jpg


     Unholy hell!  Alterbeast played in Corpus Christi, TX on Feb 23, 2018 and totally destroyed Boozers Rock Bar.  It also happened to have been the release if their new album Feast, which happens to be a total face melter.  Seriously, this album rips.  As for their live performance, they are precise, brutal and in your face!  Being at a death metal show, such as Alterbeast, is very cathartic in the sense that everyone in attendance is there to lose themselves to the music.  The speed riffing, blast beats and vocal growling make for a perfect outlet of pent up emotions.  The band played songs from both albums which the fans feasted on feverishly.  It’s rare to get such great tech death metal band that is diverse in its sounds and separates itself from the pack by playing riffs that are melodic and punishing at the same time. Catch Alterbeast live; you wont be disappointed


Alterbeast Feb 23 2018-1.jpg