Kublai Khan March 25, 2018 Corpus Christi, TX at Boozers

     Kublai Khan are a metalcore band from Sherman, TX and bring a big decimating sound with them.  On their stop in Corpus Christi, TX, fans were left bruised and sore after their crushing performance.  The small stage wasn't large enough for Kublai Khan's presence.  While pummeling through their set, which consisted of old favorites and new songs from their most recent release, Nomad, Kublai has an ability to conjure chaos in the atmosphere; so much so, that there was a need for a small break due to a fight breaking out.  But luckily the show carried on with guidance from frontman Matt Honeycutt, who reminded everyone that we must take care of each other in the mosh pit.  The only thing I wished for, was a longer set.  But then again, I'm not sure the crowd could have physically handled more than 30 minutes.  

Kublai Khan March 25 2018-1-2.jpg

10 Years at Brewster Street Ice House Corpus Christi, TX Jan 21, 2018

     Being a Sunday night, you wouldn’t think people are ready for a rock show.  But on this Sunday, the rock fans came out and packed Brewster Street Ice House to the brim.  This was my first time seeing 10 Years perform and I was also able to take photos of this show.  

    Sometimes you don’t pay attention on how many hits a band has until it starts playing.  Then you realize that 10 Years is a band that has consistently put out rock songs that have stood the test of time since 1999.  Hit after hit, fans were given an amazing performance from start to finish.  Singer Jesse Hasek has a unique voice that fits perfect with the music being played.  He is easily recognizable in his vocal delivery and pitch.  

    After their set, while fans were in standing in line, 10 Years band members surprised everyone by coming out to the merch table and started taking photos, shaking hands, giving hugs and taking the time to talk with everyone that stayed.  This, I believe, is what will always make bands stand out from others and make dedicated fans for life.  

    10 Years is a great band to see live, as all of those in attendance tonight can attest to.


10 Years Jan 21 2018-1-5.jpg

Sevendust Dec 30, 2017 at Vibes in San Antonio, TX

     Sevendust has been around for a while. This being their twenty year anniversary, they gave back to fans by playing 3 shows back to back in Texas as well as playing their debut album in its entirety.  I was lucky to attend the San Antonio show at the last minute, arriving thirty minutes before their set.  Walking into a packed venue was no surprise, as is expected from such a great band.  Black started the set off like a living bomb of music, bringing the crowd to a sonic roar and jumping in excitement.  With each song, the band came alive like a sonorous beast ready to consume those in presence.  Twenty years of performing has not slowed them down one bit.  Sevendust are still vibrant and powerful as ever.  In between songs, singer Lajon made sure the crowd knew how thankful they are for the fans devotion and love throughout the years; making it a point to emphasize that the crowd were not just fans, but family.  This goes a long way in letting fans know that they are the reason why they perform music for and happily.  Rounding out the night came the song Thank You, which brought the set to a beautiful close, leaving fans completely satisfied and euphoric.  2018 will be a big year for Sevendust as they are on track to release a new album, which fans are eagerly and impatiently waiting for.  We are ready for you Sevendust!!

Sevendust Dec 30 2017-1-24.jpg

Arch Enemy Dec 5, 2017 Alamo City Music Hall San Antonio, TX

     Arch Enemy recently released their new album “Will To Power” back in September of this year.  Not only do they prove they have the Will, but they have all the means necessary to smash your face in with their sonic sound.  This was my first time seeing them perform live and I was left completely satisfied.  From the crushing drums provided by Daniel Erlandsson, I can easily see and hear why he was nominated for “Best Metal Drummer” by Rythm Magazine and Music Radar; The colossus roar of Sharlee D’Angelo on bass provided the groove on top of which master guitarists Michael Amott & Jeff Loomis laided their wicked riffs and mind boggling solos.  All of this was brought together by frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz commanding presence, letting all in attendance know they are to be dominated by their brand of metal.  So, in short, I am eager to see them live again; too bad it won’t be soon enough.

Arch Enemy Dec 5 2017-1-9.jpg

Avatar performing at House of Rock in Corpus Christ, TX Oct 15, 2017

WOW!!! Avatar is such an incredible band!  Anyone who has seen this band live will tell you they are a must see live event.  From start to finish, they completely dominate the stage and the crowd.  Bow down to Avatar Country and become a citizen!

Avatar Oct 15 2017-1-4.jpg

Avatar May 26, 2017 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Amphitheater @AVATARmetal @concretestreet

So this was my first time seeing Avatar; and I was completely blown away by their energetic performance.  I almost wish they were the main act instead of the usual 30 minute openers.  I feel like I missed out...which now I have to see them again as a headliner ASAP!

Nonpoint May 3, 2017 Corpus Christi, TX @nonpoint

Nonpoint have been around for a bit and due to their hard work and outstanding live performance.  Even if the crowd wasn't as large as to what they are used to, they tore the hell out of the Ayers Event Center.  The smaller crowd made this show more intimate, especially when it came down to the set list.  Lucky for the fans, they deviated from their headline set list and took requests from the fans.  This made the show about 2 hours long, which was a pleasant surprise to say the least.  And another surprise for the fans, was that all the band members  took the time to take photos and sign stuff for everyone there that night.  As a fan, this- connecting with the fans- is something that cements the fan base forever.  We appreciate it; thank you so much!

Chelsea Grin at House of Rock Corpus Christi, TX @chelseagrinuk @houseorock April 23 2017

Chelsea Grin brought their sound of Deathcore to House of Rock this April 23, 2017 and the crowd responded by going ballistic.  Slamming, moshing, jumping, shouting and sweating in concert.  After a Chelsea Grin show, you are left speechless and worn out.  Good times!

Sepultura April 8, 2017 The Aztec Theater @sepulturacombr @theaztectheater

I remember the first time I heard Sepultura.  I was still in high school at the time.  A friend happened to have a demo tape of a band from Brazil and it was death metal (this was before Sepultura was signed to a major label).  He popped in the cassette, I put the headphones on my ears and pushed play- and once the music started, my ears were bombarded, they didn't know what to do.  I was suddenly assaulted with this brutal music and I can honestly say, my head felt like it was spinning.  What an experience.

Fast forward to today, seeing Selputura play live is just as exciting.  The onslaught of their brand of music is a welcome.  I can scratch one off the my bucket list of bands to see live.  And they deliver.  Even after 30 years, they still sound fresh with their new album Machine Messiah, letting fans know they are still just as brutal.  If you have a chance, see them live. You won't regret it.  In fact, you'll be thankful.


Sepultura Apr 8 2017--2.jpg

Testament April 8, 2017 San Antonio Aztec Theater

Three entwining snake heads stare at you as eagerly await the onslaught that is about to begin.  Touring in support of their latest album Brotherhood Of The Snake, Testament are still one of the premier thrash metal bands, even after 30 years. No one can emulate their sound, even though countless bands try to follow suit.  Testament's sound gets in your blood as soon as they take the stage and gives you what you've been craving.  As a fan of many decades, I feel like a giddy school kid, finally seeing live performances of so many songs that I grew up listening to.  Sheer excitement and joy can be seen throughout the crowd as well as knowing that I have a smile from ear to ear.  I am thankful to partake and be part of this Legion.  All of this is possible with the make-up of such talented musicians of: Eric Peterson, Chuck Billy, Alex Skolnick, Gene Hoglan and Steve Di Giorgio.  Each a master of their craft that are single handedly responsible for thrash being alive and well today. With Testament at the reigns, I have no fear that it will continue for many more years to come. 


Prong April 8, 2017 @Aztec Theater San Antonio

The mighty Prong have been around for three decades, but Saturday's performance doesn't show any indication of them slowing down.  Tour to support their latest album X-No Absolutes, Prong proves they are still fresh full of music.  Tommy Victor started Prong back in 1986, long before some of their new fans were alive.   Instead going the hardcore route like so many others, he decided to take a different road, one that has etched its mark in time and that has influenced so many bands throughout the years.   Tommy is a riff master; no other way to state it.  Being able to watch Prong perform was sheer delight.  Tuning out classics and everything in between, you are left with satisfaction.  Ending the night with Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck, you clearly understand why Prong is such a force that has endured when so many others haven't. 


Suicidal Tendencies Feb 28, 2017

     Legends Suicidal Tendencies are a band not to ever miss if they tour anywhere near your city.  They are totally worth the travel, whether it’s 10 minutes or 5 hours.  Before they came on stage, everyone is chanting “Suicidal…S.T….Suicidal…S.T” over and over, getting ready and pumped with adrenaline to go wild.  Starting the show with “You Can’t Bring Me Down”, my own teenage anthem, the crowd immediately goes insane with the presence of Mike Muir.  Their assault is unrelenting. With the crowd singing along song after song, with classic hits and a couple of new songs, Suicidal doesn’t show their age. 

     In between songs, Mike Muir takes time to connect with the crowd by offering advice on staying strong and getting back up if life knocks you down.  Towards the end of their set, they also intend to pass that mentality along to a younger generation by bringing them on stage for “Possessed to Skate”.   Then finally, for the last song of the night, “Pledge Your Allegiance” the rest of the crowd is invited on stage to be a part of the show.  Everyone is one big Suicidal family. 

     For 37 years, Suicidal Tendencies has been more than just a band. They are mindset and life style.  One of never giving up and standing for what you believe in.  Anyone can easily say that Suicidal Tendencies have influenced so many lives, mine included, in a positive light and strength that rarely any band can achieve.  I for one, am happy that I have been able to Pledge My Allegiance.