Stitched Up Heart Makes You Believe- May 1, 2018

     When I first met Mixi two years ago, I was greeted with a hug.  Having never met me before didn’t hold her back from being such a welcoming human being.  

    Fast forward to the present, she is still that amazing kindhearted person that loves to hug fans! As for the rest of the band:  Merrit (guitar), Decker (drums), Nick (guitar) and Randy (bass), each one is friendly and a joy to talk to and hang out with. It’s like seeing friends every time I’ve seen them in the past couple of years.  

    Tonight was special, Stitched Up Heart are currently on an tour of epic proportions.  They are playing along side some amazing bands: Halestorm, In This Moment and New Years Day! Each band has and is forging their own path to success in the music world to the fans delight.  

    Once Mixi and the guys took the stage, they were showered with shouts of approval with each song they played from their latest album Never Alone. In the crowd you could see fans singing back the lyrics and smile with happiness.  I know I was singing along; but I had to remind myself that I was there to take photos and carry on.

   After their set, each member took turns throughout the night hanging at the merch table.  Old fans and new were able to take photos and get those Mixi hugs to close out a perfect night of music.

    Another highlight for me was that I was able to interview Mixi (which can be played below) about what is currently going on with the band and things to come.  I, for one, am extremely excited for their successful future and will always support them!


Stitched Up Heart May 1 2018-1-5.jpg