Legendary Prong at House of Rock in Corpus Christi, TX May 7, 2018

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     Prong is a beast unto its own.  Three decades has not slowed Tommy Victor down one bit.  If anyone has picked up their latest release (and if you haven’t- go get it) Zero Days you’ll strongly agree.  It easily rips apart many of the newer bands out there.  They are currently on tour with another epic band: Helmet.  So, yes; this is one tour to catch.

    Today was my second time seeing Prong.  As soon as it was announced in my town, I knew it would be a show not to miss. House Of Rock is a bar venue with excellent acoustics and the perfect spot to get close and personal during the show.

    And sure as hell, as soon as the lights dropped, Art Cruz stepped out to start the ramp up.  Followed by Jason Christopher and finally Tommy Victor. In the crowd, were shouts in unison of the brutal beating about to ensue.  With large catalog, Prong played all the classics they are known for: Whose Fist is This Anyway, Beg to Differ, Prove You Wrong, and of course Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck!! Those were just a few of the hour+ long set.  Fans were treated to some killer new songs that were unrelenting and in your face thrash.

    With no barrier separating the stage, Tommy gave fans an up close experience by letting them play on his guitar.  Seriously, with Art’s sonic drumming and Jason’s grooving bass, let alone with the riff monster Tommy Victor, they are on top of their game.  Prong is a staple in music and paved the way for so many bands. When they first started thirty years ago, they were ahead of their time. Even now, they still continue to lead the way and will continue to do so for a long time coming.

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Prong April 8, 2017 @Aztec Theater San Antonio

The mighty Prong have been around for three decades, but Saturday's performance doesn't show any indication of them slowing down.  Tour to support their latest album X-No Absolutes, Prong proves they are still fresh full of music.  Tommy Victor started Prong back in 1986, long before some of their new fans were alive.   Instead going the hardcore route like so many others, he decided to take a different road, one that has etched its mark in time and that has influenced so many bands throughout the years.   Tommy is a riff master; no other way to state it.  Being able to watch Prong perform was sheer delight.  Tuning out classics and everything in between, you are left with satisfaction.  Ending the night with Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck, you clearly understand why Prong is such a force that has endured when so many others haven't.