New Years Day Dominates the fans in Corpus Christi, TX May 1, 2018

     New Years Day is currently on the massively inspiring tour which includes Halestorm, In This Moment and Stitched Up Heart.  Each have their own unique style, but also complementing one another.

     With the air palpable in anticipation of New Years Day, you could witness the crowds excitement as soon as the band took the stage.  Shouts and screams of joy erupted as fans were treated in handfuls.  This was also my first experience seeing New Years Day and was pretty stoked when the pulled out their rendition of Pantera's Fucking Hostile! Being from Texas, this had me in good spirits.  

     Watching New Years Day perform live is quite a vigorous experience and I can see why they have loyal followers with matching dyed hair of front woman Ash Costello.  The band as a whole is able to captivate the crowd by being emotionally and physically driven around the whole stage. This kept the craziness going throughout the whole set.  Coupled with the non stop rock music, made for a memory of which I will not soon forget.  Having seen them now, I will make it a point to see them again in their successful future!



New Years Day May 1 2018-1-3.jpg