Behemoth is an iconic band.  Not only for their music, but also for fighting for what they believe in regardless of what obstacles may come.  I was lucky to photograph them this June 18, 2018 at a local venue: House of Rock.  Somehow they made a headliner show while they were on tour with Slayer.  I wasn't able to shoot them with the Slayer tour, so this gave me the opportunity to take photos and catch the show. 

Behemot June 2018-1.jpg

      And what a hell of a concert it was.  They completely blew away any expectations that I had and left me with my jaw on the floor.  From their sound, lighting, performance, music; everything was top notch.  Even tho this show was on a weekday, you wouldn't have known by the numbers in attendance.  Everyone in the venue was packed to the gills, which made for the circle pits even that much more punishing.  Behemoth is a band that must be experienced live; no questions asked.

Behemot June 2018-1-5.jpg

     The hour and a half set was started with Blow Your Trumpets and cycled through classics such as Ov Fire And The VoidAt The Left Hand Ov God to name a few and came to a close with O Father O Satan O Sun!

Behemot June 2018-1-4.jpg

Butcher Babies still remains a favorite to see live!

Somehow this escaped from being posted on here.  So here it is:

   I’m partial to Butcher Babies.  They are one of my favorite bands to see live, and when I saw they were hitting my town, I immediately bought tickets and was ready for the show for about 2 months.  It was a long wait, but wholeheartedly worth it. As before, I bought the pre party VIP experience. Each time I have done this from prior tours, they have always gone above and beyond to make sure everyone has a great time.  I can honestly say that out of all the VIP’s I have bought throughout the years, they are the best. They take the time to hang out and talk with everyone and take more than just the usual one pick, shake a hand and get booted out.  Any chance I get, I will always do a VIP experience with them.

    On May 30, 2018 they played at one of my favorite local venues as well, House of Rock.  I love it because the closeness that you can have with the band, making it a memorable time.  First song up was off their new stellar album LILITH Korova. Everyone in attendance lost their freaking minds, myself included!  Half their set included songs off this new album, including the songs: Lilith, The Huntsman, Look What We’ve Done, along with classic songs of Monster’s Ball, and Magnolia Blvd to name a few.

    Butcher Babies live are a whirlwind of chaos and energy! They have continued to push  themselves with each new album and gaining new fans and solidifying old ones.  They have become role models of what hard work and steel minded determination can accomplish.  Now, if I could only figure how to just follow them on tour to each show, I would be set!


You can find Butcher Babies online at the following:


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Nonpoint is all business and in your face. May 29, 2018 Austin, TX

     Nonpoint is currently on the Kings and Queens your with Butcher Babies, Sumo Cyco and Islander.  Each brings its own unique style to the mix which makes for a killer line up. Something interesting on this tour is both Nonpoint and B.B. are alternating closing out the night. 

Nonpoint May 29 2018-1.jpg

     Veterans of the music scene, Nonpoint always brings their A game along with their charisma to drive the crowd go crazy.  This was my second time seeing them and I knew from my last experience that they would not disappoint. The band started off with Bullet with a Name, in which the crowd immediately went insane with shouts and singing along with frontman Elias. Other fan favorites played were: Fuck’d, The Wreckoning, amongst others which ran for the bands hour set.  

Nonpoint May 29 2018-12.jpg

    The crowd was even treated to a couple of new songs.  Which if these two are any indication of what Nonpoint has in store in the near future; they are sure to stay on top of their game.  The band has the energy to get the crowding going into a wild frenzy; leaving each attendant fully satisfied down to their metal soul.

Nonpoint May 29 2018-23.jpg

    And if this wasn’t enough, the band is also doing VIP meet and greets which include an exclusive listening party of their new album due out in the next coming months.  All in all, Nonpoint has been a band that consistently releases a breath of fresh air with new albums and tours. Now, the bad part is having to wait for that new release.

Remaining tour dates:

6.6 - Salt Lake City, UT The Depot NP closes

6.7 - Billings, MT Pub Station B.B. Closes

6.8 - Jerome, ID Diamondz Event Center NP Closes

6.10 - Portland, OR Hawthorne Theater NP Closes

6.11 - Sacramento, CA Holy Diver B.B. Closes

6.12 - San Francisco, CA The Fillmore B.B. Closes

6.13 - Los Angeles, CA The Whisky B.B. Closes

6.14 - Las Vegas, NV Brooklyn Bowl NP Closes

6.15 - Mesa, AZ Club Red B.B. Closes

7.12 - Oshkosh, WI Rock USA NP fest

7.15 - South Bend, IN Big Growl 7 NP Fest


You can find Nonpoint online at the following:


Legendary Prong at House of Rock in Corpus Christi, TX May 7, 2018

*This review was done in association with courtesy of Shawn Wiseman and Tag Publicity

     Prong is a beast unto its own.  Three decades has not slowed Tommy Victor down one bit.  If anyone has picked up their latest release (and if you haven’t- go get it) Zero Days you’ll strongly agree.  It easily rips apart many of the newer bands out there.  They are currently on tour with another epic band: Helmet.  So, yes; this is one tour to catch.

    Today was my second time seeing Prong.  As soon as it was announced in my town, I knew it would be a show not to miss. House Of Rock is a bar venue with excellent acoustics and the perfect spot to get close and personal during the show.

    And sure as hell, as soon as the lights dropped, Art Cruz stepped out to start the ramp up.  Followed by Jason Christopher and finally Tommy Victor. In the crowd, were shouts in unison of the brutal beating about to ensue.  With large catalog, Prong played all the classics they are known for: Whose Fist is This Anyway, Beg to Differ, Prove You Wrong, and of course Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck!! Those were just a few of the hour+ long set.  Fans were treated to some killer new songs that were unrelenting and in your face thrash.

    With no barrier separating the stage, Tommy gave fans an up close experience by letting them play on his guitar.  Seriously, with Art’s sonic drumming and Jason’s grooving bass, let alone with the riff monster Tommy Victor, they are on top of their game.  Prong is a staple in music and paved the way for so many bands. When they first started thirty years ago, they were ahead of their time. Even now, they still continue to lead the way and will continue to do so for a long time coming.

Check the link for the video interview with Tommy Victor:



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