Kublai Khan March 25, 2018 Corpus Christi, TX at Boozers

     Kublai Khan are a metalcore band from Sherman, TX and bring a big decimating sound with them.  On their stop in Corpus Christi, TX, fans were left bruised and sore after their crushing performance.  The small stage wasn't large enough for Kublai Khan's presence.  While pummeling through their set, which consisted of old favorites and new songs from their most recent release, Nomad, Kublai has an ability to conjure chaos in the atmosphere; so much so, that there was a need for a small break due to a fight breaking out.  But luckily the show carried on with guidance from frontman Matt Honeycutt, who reminded everyone that we must take care of each other in the mosh pit.  The only thing I wished for, was a longer set.  But then again, I'm not sure the crowd could have physically handled more than 30 minutes.  

Kublai Khan March 25 2018-1-2.jpg