HELMET breaks the sound barrier at House of Rock May 7, 2018

     HELMET are legendary and have inspired scores of bands and musicians since their first inception and even today.  This was my first time seeing HELMET and I had been looking forward to this show for over a month.  Growing up, Page Hamilton graced the covers of so many guitar and metal magazines that I knew there was only one way this night would play out.  

     Lights dim, all the band members take the stage...Page softly strums a few jazz chords...and suddenly...BOOOOMMM!!!! You get hit like a sledgehammer to the face when HELMET turned it to eleven! After regaining my bearings, I was overjoyed with the sounds being produced.  Everyone was like a well running clock that never missed a step.  Page is a master musician, and we were all left in awe of his guitar wizardry.  The crowd and myself were treated to a variety of songs from HELMET's extensive catalog.  After a hour and a half, no one in attendance knew that we were to get more.  The band dug deep and played tracks dating back to Meantime, which was the track that closed out the night. 

     After gathering myself and bringing my mouth off the floor, I was able to walk out into the night fully satisfied, even if I was left temporarily deaf. 

You can find Helmet online at the following:





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