ANTHRAX- Kings of Thrash- playing in Corpus Christi, TX on Feb 8, 2018

     When Anthrax announced they were on tour again with Killswitch Engage, I was interested; but then seeing they were making a stop near me, I was beyond excited.  Being a fan for over 30 years, I grew up listening to them and they are one of my top favorites in metal. 

     Another bonus, there were meet and greets available for purchase, which makes the concert experience that much more of a memorable time.  When meeting such thrash legends, it can be quite overwhelming.  I would recommend taking a few breaths before you walk in to control your excitement and thoughts.  But then, I walk in and completely lose my shit and fanboyed out.  Maybe the third time I will be better controlled (probably not).

     Anthrax was second on the bill, which I feel they should have been headliners.  Nothing against KSE, but I feel that a band that helped form thrash should always be headliners; 36 years of metal is nothing to sneeze at.  

     Starting off with Among The Living, fans completely lost it, as did I.  Which wasn't the best for me.  I was lucky enough to photograph this show with the help of CLPresents and Age Horizon.  I had to concentrate on taking photos instead of shouting and screaming along with the other thousands of fans.  Second up was Caught In a Mosh, followed by Got The Time- definite favorites for everyone in attendance.  Once I was done taking photos, I took my place among the metal community and was able to lose myself to the music.  It is such an awe inspiring moment to listen to a band that has made a big difference in my life and sing along to songs you know by heart.  

     Anthrax performance is nothing but extraordinary.  The years have not taken one ounce of strength from them.  The proof is in their latest album- For All Kings.  Each member is a master at their craft.  They are a whirlwind of energy and professionalism.  They are at the top of their game and have continue to out do themselves with each new release.   

     Closing out the show, was the song Indians, with people war dancing and shouting til hoarseness set in, it was completely worth it.  Any time I have a chance to seem them live, I will; which happens to be this summer when they go on tour with the mighty Slayer.  Hopefully in the next meet and greet I can keep myself together, hopefully.



Anthrax Feb 8 2018-1.jpg