JINJER Packs A Sold Out Venue in Austin Texas Sep 19, 2019

I’ve been following JINJER for a little over 5 years and in that time they have grown leaps and bounds compared to their contemporaries. Not only as musicians, but in carving their own path in the metal world. I saw them last back in Oct 2018 and have been early awaiting their return since.

When I saw that they were coming back to Texas, I immediately bought my ticket as soon as it went on sale back in April for the September concert in Austin, TX. I also ended up buying a meet and greet pass; anything to support my favorite band. And rightly so, it ended up selling out at Come and Take It Live venue. I like this venue due to its three levels giving fans a great perspective.

Also on this tour are supporting acts The Browning and Sumo Cyco.

After my 3 hour drive, I pulled up to the venue with a line forming at up front with looks of excitement and talks of wonder and mystery. Some had stories of seeing Jinjer the year prior at the same venue, while others eager to become Jinjerized with their first show.

Walking into the venue, people either rushed to the stage or lined up for merchandise. By the looks of the fast filling crowd and freshly adorned shirts, everyone was here for Jinjer.

With the lights dim, Vlad took his home spot behind his drums, Roman takes the stage in his calm demeanor, Eugene walks in cool and collective. As everyone is shouting in unison the band starts off with Teacher, Teacher setting the platform for Tatiana to take center stage. Unbelievably the crowd even gets louder with her presence.

With the crowd shouting, singing, moshing (which was near impossible due to the sold out crowd and everyone packed in) Jinjer delivered beyond expectations. The swarm of happiness permeated throughout the venue from listening to the newest single Judgement (& Punishment) with everyone screaming “Booyah!” at the right moment causing Tatiana to smile with joy!

The setlist covered well known songs from Cloud Factory, King of Everything, and Micro, including a yet to be released song Retrospection that proves Jinjer is the future of metal. With their blend of groove & progressive metal, they have perfectly crafted something that touches many on multiple levels. Throw in a sprinkle of various genres of music, such as some reggae in their recent single, Jinjer has catapulted to the forefront of everyone’s must see list.

Live Jinjer are as perfect as any band can be. Eugene and his monsterous bass sound rumbles the bones, while Roman’s guitar riffing gives the groove to bang your head to. Vlad’s drumming is something unusual, his drum kit is set up very different that your average player and because he is beyond average. The sounds he bangs out leave musicians jealous. Then add in the human siren Tatiana, with her hypnotic vocals and commanding stage presence, you have the makings of a band that are on the rise to the top of the metal scene and take the throne.

Ending the night with Pisces, Jinjer seared their mark on everyone present. Memories that we will come back to over and over again until we cross paths, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I highly recommend seeing Jinjer live each and every chance you can. Make the drive, take the bus, plane, walk, whatever you need to do, Do It!


  1. Teacher, Teacher

  2. Sit Stay Rollover

  3. Ape

  4. Judgement (& Punishment)

  5. I Speak Astronomy

  6. Dreadful Moments

  7. Who’s Gonna Be The One

  8. Retrospection

  9. Perennial

  10. Captain Clock

  11. Bad Water

  12. Outlander

  13. No Hoard Of Value

  14. Cloud Factory

  15. Pisces


Tatiana Shmailyuk - vocals

Roman Ibramkhalilov - guitars

Eugene Abdukhanov - bass

Vladislav Ulasevish - drums

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