HATEBREED's Supremecy Holds True - Photos and Review San Antonio Texas May 2019

Hatebreed is a rare band. One which conjures feelings of positivity, strength and standing up for ones self. It’s incredibly difficult for a metalcore band to rise to the ranks they have, but decades later they still outshine and outlast many others.

Hatebreed May 2019 RRB-2.jpg

Seeing that they were playing somewhat close (2 hour drive both ways) there was no way I would miss their twenty fifth anniversary show. The line up also consisted of Obituary, Agnostic Front, Prong, each with a long history in the music business and legends in their own right. Also on the bill were new comers Skeletal Remains.

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I also bought the VIP meet and greet package, which happens to be one of the best values I have bought thus far. For $40.00 you get a photo with the band, they sign anything you bring with you, they give you time to chat with them, a few patches and pins, a 25 year anniversary bag and a photo of the band, which they signed too when you meet them, a VIP laminate and finally a signed setlist. Not to mention individual photos with each band member. You can’t beat this experience for the price and I highly recommend it.

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Another fun aspect of doing meet and greets is meeting new people waiting in line. Depending on the schedule of the bands, you often get time to make new friends with people who have the same passion for music as yourself. Or even reminisce of bands you have seen, sharing photos, trying to one up each other with meeting bands and pics to prove it. All in good fun of course. Some even make plans of seeing each other at the next show and exchange information. A perfect example showing how the metal community is one big family.

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(Review & photos for the opening bands will be coming soon)

Once the lights went out, shouts rang out at Vibes Even Center spilling out into the night. Hatebreed took and the stage and all hell broke loose. Starting their set with To The Threshold the band wasted no time getting the adrenaline spilling by the gallons. Fans reveled in hysteria as classic after classic song was played; and my personal favorite Doomsayer. It’s pretty much impossible to stay still, you have no choice but to lose yourself in the music. As you looked over the crowd, countless bodies surfed over them and the circle pit became a black hole as bodies were lost within its trenches. Whether you looked left or right, fans were screaming along with Jamey; professing their mottos from Hatebreed lyrics etched into their minds. The wave of excitement was palpable in the night air throughout the crowd; no one was just a witness.

Once the show was over, smiles were all you could see as fans exited into the humid night. Waiting over eight years to see Hatebreed again was a huge mistake on my part. One which I won’t repeat again.

Hatebreed May 2019 RRB-20.jpg


  1. To The Threshold

  2. AD

  3. Perseverance

  4. Looking Down The Barrel

  5. Empty Promises

  6. Doomsayer

  7. Seven Enemies

  8. Tear It Down

  9. As Die Hard As They Come

  10. Last Breath

  11. In Ashes They Shall Reap

  12. Everyone Bleeds Now

  13. Honor Never Dies

  14. Before Dishonor

  15. Proven

  16. Live For This

  17. Destroy Everything

  18. I Will Be Heard

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