Thy Will Be Done sets the bar high on their Corpus Christi, TX show.

     I was excited to see Thy Will Be Done for the first time this past Friday July 20, 2018 at a local dive bar.  Having an up close and personal experience makes the show something very unique and lively.  Once everything was set up, TWBD went from zero to one hundred in a blink of an eye. The energy of each member was top notch and neck bending.  Fans were lucky to also have listened to a new song to a forthcoming album in the works.  And from the sound of it, they have not lost any of their viciousness and sound.  If anything, they are precise and brutal as ever, making fans drool in anticipation of whats to come.  I had to give praise to J Costa (vocals) and the band for an amazing performance and their ability to not having to rely on any backtracks (as to something that has unfortunately become all too common).  Thy Will Be Done kick ass; nuff said!

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Be sure to check out my interview with frontman J Costa below!!!

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