Behemoth is an iconic band.  Not only for their music, but also for fighting for what they believe in regardless of what obstacles may come.  I was lucky to photograph them this June 18, 2018 at a local venue: House of Rock.  Somehow they made a headliner show while they were on tour with Slayer.  I wasn't able to shoot them with the Slayer tour, so this gave me the opportunity to take photos and catch the show. 

Behemot June 2018-1.jpg

      And what a hell of a concert it was.  They completely blew away any expectations that I had and left me with my jaw on the floor.  From their sound, lighting, performance, music; everything was top notch.  Even tho this show was on a weekday, you wouldn't have known by the numbers in attendance.  Everyone in the venue was packed to the gills, which made for the circle pits even that much more punishing.  Behemoth is a band that must be experienced live; no questions asked.

Behemot June 2018-1-5.jpg

     The hour and a half set was started with Blow Your Trumpets and cycled through classics such as Ov Fire And The VoidAt The Left Hand Ov God to name a few and came to a close with O Father O Satan O Sun!

Behemot June 2018-1-4.jpg