In This Moment Continue to Mezmerize - May 1 2018

     On May 1, 2018 In This Moment played at Concrete Street Amphitheater.  This was my third time seeing and photographing their show.  They have to be one of my favorites to shoot.

     Over the years, In This Moment has become a musical mystical giant with its evolution of music and live performance.  Currently on this tour they are still supporting their latest release Ritual which had a much more stripped and raw energy.  Another exciting aspect of this current tour is who they are on the road with.  Four powerful bands in their own right: Halestorm, In This Moment, New Years Day and Stitched Up Heart! Talk about being epic!   

     Before In This Moment came out, you could feel the excitement in the crowd, it was truly electric.  Once the black curtain dropped, shouts and cries of emotion erupted in a thunderous boom.   Chris (guitar), Travis (bass), Randy (guitar), Kent (drums) and the blood girls were at the ready.  Then, out from behind the curtain, Mother Maria stepped forward to be greeted by the adoring fans. 

     Starting off with the song Blood, you instantly knew you were in for a treat. With each song that followed, the fans kept up, hanging on each moment, movement and note played.  The blood legion (fans) are faithful to the band and the band to its fans.  Despite a technical hiccup, Maria let everyone know that they would not be deterred.  In the sea of fans, no one was left without a smile.  

     The only disappointment to the set was that it ended to quickly.  The last two times I've seen them, they had been headlining.  But that is the trade off to seeing so many amazing bands on this tour.  This is truly not one to miss. 


In This Moment May 1 2018-1-13.jpg