JULIEN-K Invades Corpus Christi, TX

Julien-K’s charming electro-rock sound hit Corpus Christi, TX on a Friday night, the perfect fit for people to gather and enjoy themselves.  The band stems from former Orgy members Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck for a little over 10 years of its inception. Being no stranger to success and the ability to writing music to make your body move, fans in Corpus got their chance to experience just what Julien-K is capable of.  

    Even tho this style of music is mostly foreign to myself, I can see the attraction and love the fans have for Julien-K. Embodying dance tempo rhythms with a rocky edge blends well with veterans at the helm. Fans new and old enjoyed themselves moving along to the beats and rhythms.  Towards the end of the show, memories of came flooding back when frontman Ryan Shuck mentioned they used to be part of ORGY. Ending their set with the hit song Blue Monday, fans shouted with a youthful vigor of days gone by and thoughts of when having a good time was all that mattered; a great exit leaving fans fully satisfied.

You can find JULIEN_K online at the following: