DEVILDRIVER Delivers in full to Austin, TX

If you weren’t in attendance at the Texas Revolution Fest, you missed out seeing the hard hitting DEVILDRIVER. And holy cow, they pack a punch. Fresh off of releasing their latest album Outlaws ‘Til The End, this band is diversive, consistent and powerful. Setting the pit off with Ruthless, the crowd went crazy with excitement, which set the pace for the rest of the set.

Something that was quite impressive, was how Devildriver was all business, not wasting any time or giving the fans a moment to recover. Currently on The Outlaws Til The End Tour, they leave no doubt that they can kick your ass. Fans shouted and yelled along, losing themselves in the moment of metal chaos, slamming and bouncing til there was nothing left. The same can be said of the band, they left everything on stage, giving their all. Something which the fans were much appreciated of.

This is one tour not to sleep on. Check the dates below for your chance to get punched in the face with metal fervor.

You can find Devildriver online at the following: