HellYeah March 7, 2017

     Watching HellYeah is like seeing family. They make you feel part of a big metal family that gets together to cleanse themselves through music.  Just before they are getting ready to come on stage, a down pour of cool crisp rain starts; making the atmosphere go from hot and humid to cool and refreshing.  This is exactly how HellYeah leaves you feeling- alive and reborn in metal.  Starting with the song "X", the crowd immediately goes insane and glad they are here for this experience.  Full on metal! Chad Grays' ability to connect with the crow sets him apart from other front men.  You can feel the love he has for the music and the fans.  At one point during the show, not one to shy away, Chad makes his climb the crowd barrier, making the fans go crazy as they yell along the lyrics.  The crowd are Hellions!  As Vinnie Paul beats down his drum set and giving the crowd a rhythm to be enchanted with, you are given yearning and ache when the song "No Mo" plays.  A beautiful cover that hauntingly reminds us of the loss of Dimebag. 

     As the show comes to an end with the song "HellYeah", the crowd with their deafening roar, is left renewed and full of life; grateful to have partaken in the ceremonious wonder that is the band HellYeah!