Suicidal Tendencies Feb 28, 2017

     Legends Suicidal Tendencies are a band not to ever miss if they tour anywhere near your city.  They are totally worth the travel, whether it’s 10 minutes or 5 hours.  Before they came on stage, everyone is chanting “Suicidal…S.T….Suicidal…S.T” over and over, getting ready and pumped with adrenaline to go wild.  Starting the show with “You Can’t Bring Me Down”, my own teenage anthem, the crowd immediately goes insane with the presence of Mike Muir.  Their assault is unrelenting. With the crowd singing along song after song, with classic hits and a couple of new songs, Suicidal doesn’t show their age. 

     In between songs, Mike Muir takes time to connect with the crowd by offering advice on staying strong and getting back up if life knocks you down.  Towards the end of their set, they also intend to pass that mentality along to a younger generation by bringing them on stage for “Possessed to Skate”.   Then finally, for the last song of the night, “Pledge Your Allegiance” the rest of the crowd is invited on stage to be a part of the show.  Everyone is one big Suicidal family. 

     For 37 years, Suicidal Tendencies has been more than just a band. They are mindset and life style.  One of never giving up and standing for what you believe in.  Anyone can easily say that Suicidal Tendencies have influenced so many lives, mine included, in a positive light and strength that rarely any band can achieve.  I for one, am happy that I have been able to Pledge My Allegiance.